Research Area

Valdecoxib Beta Cyclodextrin Complex

Going with the pace of growing pharmaceutical sector, Prof. P.R. Vavia and his research group have been involved in fundamental as well as industrial research allied to interdisciplinary areas of pharmaceutical science. The principal objective of research is always set to surmount constraints for efficient delivery of potential drug candidates and fabrication of value added non-infringing drug formulations.

Research work based on cyclodextrin and their derivatives, nanosponge based drug delivery systems, transdermal drug delivery systems, synthesis and development of nanocarriers and polymer conjugates for active tumor targeting, techniques in solubilisation of poorly water soluble drugs, hot melt extrusion, nanoemulsions, microemulsions, nanosuspensions, bioencapsulation of poorly soluble actives, modified release multiparticulate drug delivery systems, application of particle engineering strategies, protein and peptide based drug delivery systems, synthesis and application of novel polymers and excipients is going on with expected outcomes of industrial applicability and scalability.

Till date more than 25 technologies have been successfully commercialized. Few of them include- Fentanyl Transdermal Patch (FENSTUD) for Rusan Pvt Ltd, Self microemulsifying drug delivery system of Cyclosporin (PROMUNER) for Mega Lifesciences, Cyclodextrin based formulations of poorly water soluble drugs like Nimesulide and Rofecoxib (ROFF-BCD-50) for Unichem Pvt Ltd, Novel tablet formulation of Itraconazole (ESZOLE) for Kusum Healthcare Ltd, Extended release matrix, bilayer, film coated tablet of Furosemide (ROSEMIDE) for Kusum Healthcare Ltd, Combination drug product of Metformin and Acarbose Tablet (GLUCOBAY M 25 & GLUCOBAY M . 50) for Bayer Pvt Ltd, etc.

We, at PRV Research group believe that Manpower Development in formulation technology, validation of analytical methods, In-vivo studies of developed formulations and preparation of Common Technical Document (CTD) as per regulatory requirements of international markets are of equal importance to meet the international standards.

  • Cyclodextrins based drug delivery systems
  • Nanosponge based drug delivery systems
  • Bioencapsultion
  • Multiparticulte drug delivery system
  • Transdermal drug delivery systems
  • Protein and peptide drug delivery system
  • Lipid based colloidal formulations
  • Polymer synthesis for drug delivery
  • Modified release films
  • Liposome based Drug Delivery Systems
  • Melt Extrusion Technology
  • Oral liquid dosage forms
  • Techniques in solubilization