The objective of this research work was to design, develop and optimize the self micro-emulsifying drug delivery system (SMEDDS) of Felodipine (FL) filled in hard gelatine capsule coated with polymer in order to achieve rapid drug release after a desired time lag in the management of hypertension. Microemulsion is composed of a FL, Lauroglycol FCC, Transcutol P and Cremophor EL. The optimum surfactant to co-surfactant ratio was found to be 2:1. The resultant microemulsions have a particle size in the range of 65-85 nm and zeta potential value of -13.71 mV. FL release was adequately adjusted by using pH independent polymer i.e. ethyl cellulose along with dibutyl phthalate as plasticizer. Influence of formulation variables like viscosity of polymer, type of plasticizer and percent coating weight gain was investigated to characterize the time lag. The developed formulation of FL SMEDDS capsules coated with ethyl cellulose showed time lag of 5-7 h which is desirable for chronotherapeutic application.

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