Octapeptide (OP)/FSH-Receptor Binding Inhibitor-8 (FRBI-8), is a synthetic peptide corresponding to N-terminal sequence of purified fraction of Follicle Stimulating Hormone Binding-Inhibitor (FSHBI), isolated earlier from human ovarian follicular-fluid. In order to avoid the repeated drug-administration, OP-loaded, polymeric polylactide (PLA) nanoparticle formulation (NP-OP), was developed using multiple-emulsion technique. This yielded an average particle size of 120 nm with 70% encapsulation-efficiency. In vitro release profile of NP-OP showed sustained release of OP for 21 days. In vivo anti-fertility studies were conducted in marmosets. Results indicated that control animals conceived in the same cycle while two of three treated animals failed to conceive in treatment cycle. The in vivo studies thus corroborate with in vitro release of OP, demonstrating its anti-fertility activity in 66% of animals.

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