The aim of the present study was to formulate serratiopeptidase (SER)-loaded chitosan (CS) nanoparticles for oral delivery. SER is a proteolytic enzyme which is very sensitive to change in temperature and pH. SER-loaded CS nanoparticles were fabricated by ionic gelation method using tripolyphosphate (TPP). Nanoparticles were characterized for its particle size, morphology, entrapment efficiency, loading efficiency, percent recovery, and in vitro dissolution study. SER-CS nanoparticles had a particle size in the range of 400–600 nm with polydispersity index below 0.5. SER association was up to 80 ± 4.2%. SER loading and CS/TPP mass ratio were the primary parameters having direct influence on SER-CS nanoparticles. SER-CS nanoparticles were freeze dried using trehalose (20%) as a cryoprotectant. In vitro dissolution showed initial burst followed by sustained release up to 24 h. In vivo anti-inflammatory activity was carried out in rat paw edema model. In vivo anti-inflammatory activity in rat paw edema showed prolonged anti-inflammatory effect up to 32 h relative to plain SER. © 2014, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists.

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